• Benefits For Investors

    There Is A Smarter Way

    By adhering to strict standards that we never waver from, we manage your assets with a fiduciary responsibility that is unparalleled in the industry.

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  • The Smarter Philosophy

    The Rules Never Change

    In order to maximize investments we adhere to a strict set of rules that take emotion out of our decisions. These rules allow us to make decisions for the assets, not ourselves.

    Our Philosophy What is VAPR

  • Our Investment Products

    Models and Allocations

    VAPR helps our team neutralize human error when selecting securities for our different models. By using strict standards, we can make decisions without the clout of emotion.

    Our Models Allocations

  • Preferred RIA Partners

    Hand Selected and Screened

    Our preferred partner RIAs understand the benefits of our investing ideology and have been hand selected and screened by us so you can make finding a quality advisor easier.

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  • Time To Get Smarter

    Move Your Assets Today

    You've seen how our process works and are ready to get started. That's great! One of our transition teams would be glad to help you with the next step.

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Your Premier Institutional Investment Manager

There is A Smarter Way to Invest: as your premier fiduciary institutional RIA asset manager we offer a range of formulaic investment models across the risk reward spectrum.